Art Education in High School is Necessary

by Sophie Molloy, Staff Writer

There are a plethora of art careers that can be achieved from being educated and skilled in the artistic field.  Graphic design, photography, illustration, and anything classified as a creative field has relation to art. High school as well as grade school art classes teach their students about the basics that they need to develop their creativity and educate them about art culture.  Art is a way for kids and teenagers to express themselves passively, and by taking that away from them, we are taking away a healthy and safe environment. Kids who take art classes may not necessarily be pursuing an art career, but taking the class for the free breather after a day of working in major core classes.

We go to school so that we can learn how to function as an adult in the big bad world.  This includes finding a path, and discovering what makes you the best person that you can be.  Art, as well as Math or Rocket science, are all callings that different individuals pursue. Every student differs in their own ability and mindset.  

Writing itself is a form of artwork.  Some of the best poems and sonnets come from artists in the form of their words.  The term “art” being used as creative expression, proves that one doesn’t need a brush or a crayon to make something artistic.  Art is shown in the ways that you think through something, the ways you show emotion towards it. A skill that can be nourished through study and hard work.

The New York Times wrote an article, Book Tackles Old Debate: Role of Art in Schools.  It explains how some people do not agree with the concept of having art classes in schools due to the lack of importance or need for the field and usefulness.  Needless to say, the art world was not happy by this, and decided to research the outcomes of art students scores compared to a non art students GPA and SAT scores.  The results of that research was that scores were higher for those who had this art elective in their classes. Though later deemed to be circumstantial evidence, it DID prove that the “art school dropout” mindset of most students was in fact false.

Art class is known to be an easy A.  If you asked a random selection of any highschool that provided a basic art class, you would find that the majority of its students taking art were taking the course for the sole purpose of lightening their academic load.  It is nearly impossible to grade someone on their ability and how they decide to express themselves. Many students who decide to take up the arts, will take classes outside of school because of how loosely restricted their school art class is.  As the art world has many options, students take a numerous amount of non-school related courses to narrow down what they want to do. Initially this seems like the better option, as electives and classes could be run outside of school to build ones skills in that course.  Though, keep in mind, it has the same effect as taking a science course for an art student. It has no value to them now, but it keeps them learning and has value in its knowledge and the skills it provides its students in teamwork and analytical mindsets.

Without some sort of art form, students would be lost in piles of work and 8 hour days of pure work and for some, even agony.  With art electives and the ability to stray from the pushing and aggressive path of business and algebra classes, many students have found peace in the hour of painting, photography, or creative writing that they have.  To take away someone’s ability to doodle, you ultimately take away their ability to express their inner thoughts. Art has proven itself to be a healthy safe space that if taken away, would not benefit all students.