Why the school shouldn’t sell plastic water bottles

by Riya Divekar, Staff Writer

Can we make a difference by switching to reusable water bottles? This is one of the many questions people ask, but do not know the answer to.The truth is that plastic is extremely harmful for the environment, as well as humans. In our cafeteria, where hundreds of water bottles are available for purchase, a majority of students can be found drinking from these bottles every day. Unfortunately, we continue to use bottles, while they really harm our bodies and the planet.

I think that the cafeteria should stop selling plastic bottles, and students can bring reusable ones, or drink from the water fountain. Research has found that when you drink from a plastic bottle, you are ingesting microplastic particles, and microplastic contamination is universal. The chemicals are known to alter hormones and cause other health effects. They can affect reproduction and development in animals and humans. People who have high rates of BPA, which is found in food and beverage can linings and polycarbonate bottles can leak into foods and drinks. Also, our environment has really taken a hit these past few years, and plastic pollution isn’t really helping planet Earth improve, in any way.

Also, some students do not recycle the bottles, which is another reason why they shouldn’t be sold. Reusable bottles are better for the long run, and if you think about it, can save you money and help the planet.

The next time you think about going for a nice swim in the ocean, remember this : there is more microplastic in the ocean, than there are stars in the milky way. This is affecting the beautiful marine life in our oceans, which is decreasing by the moment. But wait, there’s more :  If you love seafood and consume it regularly, you are probably eating 11,000 tiny pieces of plastic each year.

Some people say that plastic is harming our environment, but a small change like not allowing plastic bottles to be used in school won’t make a difference. In reality, humans can do little things, like stop using plastic bags, recycle, and stop using plastic bottles. All of these things can make a bigger and more positive impact.

Photo Credit : Venngage, Riya Divekar

The next time you use a plastic bottle, remember that you are not only ingesting tiny pieces of plastic, that will give you long term side effects, but it will also do a great amount of harm for our planet Earth.