No one buys tickets from Jets’ game fundraiser


Photo Credit: Adviser

Despite fundraising efforts, no tickets were sold from the collaboration effort between the NY Jets and the Glen Rock HSA.

by Andrew Kastelman, Contributing Writer

A recent Jets’ ticket fundraiser was unsuccessful.

The Jets, looking to increase ticket sales, reached out to the Glen Rock HSA, along with many others in Bergen County. The goal of this fundraiser was to sell tickets for Nov. 26 against the Carolina Panthers and Dec. 3 against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Jets organization would then donate ten dollars to the HSA for every ticket sold.

To promote this fundraiser, the HSA  published a link on Glen Rock’s high school website, believing it was an easy online way to raise some money. Mona Milbrodt, President of the HSA, thought “it was worth a try.”

Over the course of the two weeks, the HSA sold zero tickets, and didn’t raise any money. After contacting Jonathan Smaldon of the Jets Group sales team, it was suggested that lack of sales were due to “a very quick turn around for publicity” and marketing, and the fact that the games were “right after Thanksgiving, when many people are out of town for the holiday.”

The Jets (5-8), are having a better season than most expected. Even though they lost the first game of the HSA’s fundraiser to the Panthers, they bounced back for a come-from-behind victory to beat the Chiefs, 38-31.