Why Prom at Space Odyssey is a good thing


by Ben Solomon, Multimedia Manager

Space. The final frontier, or is it? The Senior class will soon vote on what the venue for its senior prom will be.

The original plan was for it to be held at Space Odyssey, but it was met with backlash as people felt it was not formal enough and that it was more suited from something like a bar/bat mitzvah, which people are not wrong about Space has a bowling alley an arcade and even a laser tag arena. These are things that I would never would have expected to be at my senior Prom.

While these seem to be putting people off, these make me actually excited for Prom something I never thought I would say. I hate dancing, and I can’t see myself enjoying myself if that’s the only thing I could have done. Having other options, especially something as fun as laser tag, to do would make prom worth going to — and if people find this childish, so be it.

The opportunity to be able to enjoy myself rather than wait around awkwardly counting the minutes until I can leave is more appealing for obvious reasons. I feel that people need to stop comparing our prom to other proms. So what if this prom is more eccentric than past ones? It’s about this class, not past or future ones. If you’re still on the fence, just think how fun a class wide laser tag tournament could be.