History teacher starts Civics Club

by Alyssa Messikian, Staff Writer

The Civics Club was established this year as an opportunity for eager students to emerge themselves in politics and other related events.

Chris Pohlman, a history teacher, is an adviser for the Civics Club.

One of the activities the members and Pohlman have planned for this club is to volunteer with the League of Women Voters in town.

“This will give them a great experience of seeing civics in action first hand,” Pohlman said.

The Civics Club will be a part of many events that have to do with voting, political issues, and participating with local councils.

Pohlman said, “The Civics Club is an organization that will focus on issues in our school. It is a discussion group where students can get together and talk about school related topics.”

With a good turnout at the club walk around this year, the Civics Club will be a great opportunity for students who are passionate about the law, rights, and today’s political social climate.