Senior girls “save” Halloween


Photo Credit: Debbie Cella

The class of 2018 girls are dressed as lifeguards for their group Halloween costume.

by Jenny DeStefano, Facebook Manager

Year after year, the senior girls walk the halls in a matching group costume on Halloween. This time around, the class of 2018 girls are making their mark on the holiday as lifeguards.

Predecessors to the lifeguards, the class of 2017 girls showed their spirit last year in ‘80s inspired costumes. Before that, the girls have matched as characters such as “Where’s Waldo,” minions from “Despicable Me,” “101 Dalmatians” and tourists.

“It’s something anyone can be a part of,” class of 2017 graduate Deirdre Meany said. “It’s also our last Halloween in high school, so I think most girls want it to be special.”

Deliberation began in early October when senior Emily Males orchestrated a Facebook group for her peers to discuss their collective decision, leaving enough time for the girls to select their favorite costume.

At the end of the day, all of the participants headed outside to the courtyard for a group picture as done in years prior. Despite 50 degree weather, a large majority of the girls donned shorts and flip flops to prove their dedication to an over five year long tradition.

“I think the tradition is really cute,” participant Alexa Amram said. “They should keep doing it every year.”

To Glen Rock High School, Halloween has become more than just another holiday. It has become a way for students to collaborate ideas and showcase an ensemble of costumes.

“I think it is a nice way for the senior girls to bond over a common theme,” Principal John Arlotta said.