New Tabletop Gaming Club welcomes members


Photo Credit: Isabella Crawford

Members Francis Atler, James Ring, and Justus Smith consult Volo’s Guide to Monsters before continuing a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

by Isabella Crawford, Staff Writer

Campaigning throughout the world as a wizard and casting Prestidigitation at unsuspecting dwarves has never been deemed possible by Glen Rock High School Students. However, thanks to the creation of the Tabletop Gaming Club, this seemingly impossible task can now become a reality. Or at least as real as a game of Dungeons and Dragons can be.

The Tabletop Gaming Club was created earlier this year by junior Justus Smith and is advised by math teacher Brian Weinberg. It is a club focused on playing what is commonly considered “nerdy” or “geeky” games, like Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering. This club gives students  the chance to embrace this geek culture in a way that many people haven’t had the chance to before.

A general meeting consists of the members breaking off into three groups and proceeding to play an ongoing game of Dungeons and Dragons. Currently the club has three Dungeon Masters: Justus Smith, James Ring, and Francis Alter. They run the games and put the players through dangerous and whimsical situations.

Although the main focus of the club is DnD, occasionally they play other tabletop games such as Magic the Gathering and Shadow Run.

Justus Smith recently moved to Glen Rock from Basking Ridge, where he played Dungeons and Dragons three times a week. After realizing there was no club featured around the game (or any other tabletop game for that matter) Smith decided to put the work into making this an official club.

Smith said “I found it so terrible there wasn’t a club for DnD here, and I helped start a club for DnD last year, so I decided to start it again this year.”

He hopes that the club will expand and gain more members throughout the year.

Nerd or jock, preppy or punk, everyone is welcome to join in the weekly club meetings. Previously the club had a fluctuating schedule but now it’s meeting every Tuesday, from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m., in room S236.