Media Center rules change comes and goes


Photo Credit: Adviser

Experiencing a brief lunchtime rule change, the Media Center quickly reverted to normal following student complaints.

by Evan Van Duffelen, Staff Writer

After a new rule attempted to curtail unruly conduct in the high school media center, it quickly faded out of enforcement and was no more by Oct. 23.

The new rules said that each student must be sitting in a seat (not standing) and only four people were allowed to a table.  

The rules were initiated by the new Media Center specialist, Kim Hayes. The regulations were initially put in place because the Media Center gets quite loud, which makes it hard for students to get any productive work done during lunch.  

Students, however, preferred the Media Center without the stringent rules.

Junior student Jake McCulloch said, “I think the new rule is unfair.  I get separated from my friends and I feel like I need to rush to the library to get a seat.”

The rules didn’t last long, however, as students complained about being kicked out of the library due to a lack of seating.

As of now there are no rules limiting how many people will be allowed in the library during lunch except the fire code maximum capacity number.