Former Glen Rock student returns to Glen Rock for homecoming


Photo Credit: Lizzy Bonica

Appropriately dressed for the pep rally, Stella Pereira (left) and Lizzy Bonica (right) show off their school spirit even after class is over.

by Lizzy Bonica, Staff Writer & Graphic Designer

Former Glen Rock student Stella Pereira returned to her old high school from Colombia to attend the pep rally and homecoming with her friends on Oct. 19.

Stella made the flight from Bogota, Colombia, where she attends Colegio Nueva Granada, back to Glen Rock where she attended the high school until last year.

During her 4-day stay, Stella helped decorate the senior hallway, attended the pep rally, the homecoming game, and most importantly had a great time with her friends.

Stella stayed at senior Lizzy Bonica’s house. The two have been best friends since sixth grade.

“My favorite part was going to the pep rally and watching the homecoming game because it really brought me back to being in Glen Rock,” Pereira said. “It was really nostalgic about how similar everything was even though I had been gone. I liked that we won the game, too.”

Pereira’s next visit will be during Thanksgiving break.