Parents create website to address underage drinking


Photo Credit: Jason Hirakawa

Parents take a stand against underage drinking by creating a website that shares safe spaces for students to be where alcohol won’t be served to minors.

by Jason Hirakawa, Staff Writer

Concerned parents are seeking a solution to the town’s underage drinking problem by creating a website that promotes the supervision of teens.

The Party Safe Network was created by Amy Ferrante-Martin and Arati Kreibich in an effort to curb the illicit use of drugs and alcohol they are finding amongst teens. The website allows parents to certify that their home is a “safe environment” which prohibits minors from drinking.

“We are facing a serious [issue] in Glen Rock relating to the increasing level of drug and alcohol use in our town,” Mayor Bruce Packer said.

Underage drinking parties and substance use have been brought to the town’s attention over the past few months. Adults have been reaching out to each other on Facebook to broadcast the issue to the community and to describe the disruptions the issue has caused. Ferrante-Martin and Kreibich and are running for Glen Rock Borough Council and are addressing the problem as part of their campaign platform, due to its increasing popularity and severity.

A series of recent police investigations have reported teenagers fleeing from house parties. According to the Ferrante-Martin and Kreibich campaign, citizens should collaborate with the police to enforce laws and form consequences for the parents that supply alcohol.

“It is important to talk to your kids,” the father of a high school student said, requesting anonymity. “Open up to them and remind them that it can cause a lot of trouble.”

In addition to the website, Ferrante-Martin and Kreibich believe that education can contribute to solving their problem as expressed in their campaign. They have found free programs that will educate parents and kids on the issue.

“There are wide range of people in Glen Rock as well as people who don’t care about their child drinking,” the father said.