School discusses fundraising for recent hurricane victims


Students gather for a fundraising discussion to help victims of recent hurricanes.

by Nah Lee, Staff Writer

Students and teachers came to the auditorium on Oct.11 during lunch to discuss fundraising options following the recent spate of hurricanes. They wanted to help the victims of hurricanes.

Principal John Arlotta led the meeting.

“We want to do something to help them,” Arlotta said, referencing those who were impacted by the storms.

Students from the Seven Elements club, led by teacher Randi Metsch-, attended this meeting. Unaffiliated students and teachers who were interested in helping also attended.

Hurricanes in Texas and Florida ruined many people’s life. Schools in those states were having a hard time because there are few organizations that can support them.

The purpose of this meeting was to generate ideas about how to help victims of the hurricanes.

There are not only schools that are completely destroyed but also schools that are partially destroyed. Helping those schools return to their regular school life was one topic that was discussed at the meeting.

“I think once we unify and kind of figure out a school that we’re gonna adopt, you’re gonna see a lot of different organizations saying I have an idea,” Arlotta said. The Seven Elements Club is doing the big sale in order to raise money and help victims of the hurricanes.

“We decided to do a bake sale to raise some funds,” Metsch-Ampel said.

Interact Club is collecting items for a Hurricane Relief Drive and the collection will be available from Oct. 23 to Oct. 31.

During the meeting, students and teachers were talking about the connection that the school can use to contact with schools that are suffering. By contacting with them, we can know about their situation and find some ways that we can help to figure out their problems.

“It’s very important for me as a high school principal in Glen Rock to kind of open up the students to the world a little bit,” Arlotta said.

Different organizations are keep doing things that can help victims of the hurricanes. Ideas that were discussed in this meeting will be continued.