Kindness rock garden takes root in Glen Rock


Photo Credit: Rebecca Podd

The Kindness Rock Garden can be found at 574 Doremus Ave. It was created with the purpose of spreading kind messages and positivity throughout Glen Rock.

by Rebecca Podd, Staff Writer

A local Glen Rock council candidate created a brightly painted rock garden to spread kind messages throughout the community.
The rocks are various colors, all with encouraging words and phrases on them. The garden is open for anyone to take a stone at any time. They can take one home or place it somewhere in town. This kindness garden can be found at 574 Doremus Ave.
Democratic council candidate Arati Kreibich created the garden with her running mate Amy Martin.
“Amy and I wanted to do something to spread positivity even in a small way and use this to strengthen our community,” Kreibich wrote. “I think we have all had the experience of getting a simple message of kindness and have had that improve our mood, turn our day around or inspire us in some way.”
Kreibich heard about the #KindnessRocks and was motivated to bring it to Glen Rock. Kreibich originally hosted a rock painting party where anyone could color the stones and write positive messages on them. She also invited citizens to paint the rocks during the street fair.
She encourages all townspeople to pick up a rock for themselves or for someone else. People can also create their own message on one of the blank painted rocks that can be found at the garden.
“My hope is that these kindness rocks really do inspire us all to give a little more selflessly, to listen a little more closely, and to speak out in support a little more loudly,” Kreibich wrote. “Doing so will makes us a stronger community!”