Sophomore class meeting sets positive tone


Photo Credit: Abby Stern

Waiting for news and events, the sophomore bulletin board is ready for the new school year.

by Abby Stern, Staff Writer

The sophomore class meeting addressed the homecoming theme, important events, and academic potential for all students on Sept. 14.   

“The purpose is to set the tone for the year,” Principal John Arlotta said.

Arlotta opened up the meeting by discussing how students can see progress in their high school career, through extracurriculars and academically.  “It’s not all about grades, and it’s not all about college.  You all have different potential,” Arlotta said.  

Arlotta also placed emphasis on involvement and kindness to others.  He shared that pep rally and spirit week will bring the class together. He reiterated that negative comments will not be tolerated at this year’s pep rally, referencing upperclassmen being rude to freshman during the pep rally in year’s past.  

The new vice principal, Tina Bacolas, emphasized the new one-to one laptop initiative, and she gave advice on care and use of the technology.  “The use of laptops now will prepare you for life after high school,” she said.  

Bacolas shared some of her experience working with laptops in other schools  “One of the most common ways students break their laptops is they leave pencils, pens, or headphone on the keyboard, slam the lid down, and crack the screen.  This is an ‘oops’,” she said.  Bacolas made it clear that although everyone gets one “oops,” getting food or drink on or in the computer is not accidental, it’s just negligence.

Class advisers Jenna Dunay and Ashley Yancy also spoke during the meeting.  They addressed upcoming events, including the decoration of the sophomore hallway for homecoming on Oct. 16. This year’s theme is going to be Sophs’mores, and the hallway will have a camping theme.  

For every hour a students spend helping to decorate the hallway, their name will be entered in a raffle.  Names picked will get a free ticket to the Sophomore Semi-Formal on June 1.

Class President Jeremy LaVine reminded everyone to wear white to the pep rally and to join the t-shirt contest.  Students can submit designs for the sophomore class t-shirt, and the winner gets a free one.  

LaVine reiterated once again that this will be a great year for the sophomores of Glen Rock.