Cheerleaders flip into new uniforms


Photo Credit: Simon Toffell

The 2017 varsity cheerleading members pose in their new uniforms at the game against Manchester on Sept. 15.

by Jordan Carr, Snapchat Manager

The Glen Rock High School varsity cheerleaders debuted their new uniforms at the first game of the season against Rutherford.

Last year, head coach Alyssa Perry asked the athletic department to purchase new uniforms for the cheerleading team. As other sports such as soccer recently received new uniforms, it seemed like it was just a matter of time for the cheerleaders.

Perry explained that the team would “will get our turn when it is our turn.”

Assisted by the Universal Cheer Association (UCA), Coach Perry designed the new uniforms.

The positive feedback on the uniforms from the cheerleaders and viewers made the coach and athletic department happy as this investment was a success.  

“The new uniforms in my opinion are much more flattering than the ones we previously had,” senior cheerleader Caroline Griffin said.

The new uniforms also came with a change in bodysuits and new bows. They are also made in custom sizes.

Finding the right sized uniform has been a struggle for cheerleaders throughout the years. This year, before the order of new uniforms was placed, all varsity members were sized so they were guaranteed to have one that fit.

“All of the current varsity members were sized and other sizes were purchased as extras,” Perry explained.

In previous years, cheerleaders would wear black bodysuits under their uniforms. With the new uniforms came new bodysuits, though. The bodysuit is an extension of the design on the top of the uniform. So when the uniform and bodysuit are put together, they match.

“I really like the way they look, but they definitely look much better with bodysuits,” sophomore cheerleader Ana Lindley said.

From last year’s red sparkly bows to a new white bow, Coach Perry decided to change the bow color after picking new uniforms that contain a lot of red. She did not like the red on red. For the month of October, though, the team will be wearing pink bows.

“The bows look nice because the white pops with the uniforms,” cheerleader Jessie Malo said.

“The new bows are much less juvenile than the previous red sparkly bows, so I like them a lot,” Griffin said.

The former uniforms, which the varsity team used over the past five years, were handed down to the JV team. While they do contain some small holes and rips, they are all within acceptable conditions.

A few people have complained that the new varsity uniforms are uncomfortable, but the new uniforms seem to receive overall praise.

“My favorite is probably this new one, because I love the way it looks and I think that it’s really flattering as a team,” said sophomore cheerleader Jenny Destefano.