Juniors start college application process


Photo Credit: James Boisits

The first of many college application sheets with deadlines for the Class of 2018.

by James Boisits, Staff Writer

The junior class officially began the college application process last Friday, June 15, when their brag sheets were due to the teachers who agreed to write their college recommendations letters.

A brag sheet is a form that contains 16 questions and has to be filled out by students to help inform the teachers about themselves.

“It was very time consuming,” Danny Mendelsohn (‘18) said.

“There were definitely some questions that you had to really dig deep and look at yourself closely in order to answer them,” Jack Polshuk, a junior, said.

Additionally, juniors were required to ask for their letters of recommendation by last Friday. The request for recommendations was based on a bond the student had with their former teacher or the student’s academic success in the class.

Polshuk chose Mr. McCrary and Mr. Luckenbill as his letters of recommendation. However, the decisions he made for them were both unique.

“My grade was very good in physics and I feel that Mr. Luckenbill was a huge part of my success,” Polshuk said. “Everyone loves Mr. McCrary and he is just very likely my kind of teacher.”

Sabina Sose (‘18) also chose Mr. Luckenbill to write one of her letters of recommendation.

“I chose him because he is not only my teacher, but also my track coach and I feel that my relationship with him is better than others,” Sose said.

The first deadlines of the college application process is making next year’s graduation feel like a reality to a lot of the rising seniors.

“It’s hasn’t hit me fully yet, but it’s starting to especially now that summer basketball sessions have started and I feel the oldest,” Mendelsohn said.

Although the college application process comes with a lot of responsibilities, the Class of 2018 is ready for their senior year.

“It’s crazy that next year is our last year of high school, but I am excited especially for the next chapter because life is very different out in other places than it is in this small town,” Mendelsohn said.