Year-end stress

Year-end stress

Photo Credit: Wiki Media Commons

by Lillie Daschil, Staff Writer

When June hits in Glen Rock High School, students are especially frantic. Teachers pile up assignments like no other time of the year. With finals coming up, there are massive study guides, final projects and much more that students need to do.

Finals are very stressful. The study guides that you need to complete are often very lengthy, and the information you need to remember was taught very long ago. The stress brought on by finals can really take a toll on a student.

Many teachers assign final projects which are much more difficult than previous projects. These projects require a lot of work.

Teachers try to squeeze in final assignments in all classes which cause an abundance of work for already stressed out students. This causes students to stress out a lot which is very unhealthy.

There needs to be a better way to have final assignments without stressing out students. Students that are stressed out will have more difficulty doing necessary assignments.

The workload at the end of the year is too heavy and stressful and should be less.

At the end of the year, most students are likely checked out. Even though they should not be, students are tired and excited for summer and are not as focused as they were the rest of the year.

This makes it so hard to manage all of the work students face in the very last weeks of school.

The end of the year should not be as stressful and hectic as it is.