Social conformity


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Finding true friends in high school is not easy.

by Daisy Tahan, Staff writer

People in this school (or at least in my grade) make a point of changing their personal opinions and morals to fit in or move up the social ladder. I am not sure whether they do this unknowingly or even whether they are aware of what they are doing, but all I know is that it is really disgusting when people insult their friends behind their backs to impress other people.

This is especially common in groups of girls who are trying to impress boys. But what they need to understand is that talking badly about their friends to impress others isn’t the way to raise themselves up. Calling someone ugly won’t make you any prettier. It’ll only make you more ugly on the inside because you’re getting angry and spiteful over an issue that doesn’t affect you. If something does not directly correlate with you, then you shouldn’t be speaking about it. Someone being too fat or too skinny or too this and that doesn’t harm you in any way, so why gossip about it constantly?

Clearly, this is an issue on a number of levels. For one, the person who is being talked about would without a doubt be hurt if they found out what their “friends” were saying about them when they aren’t there. Also, the one who’s talking about her friend is damaging her own reputation of being a good friend and runs the risk of not making true friends in the future because people probably won’t trust her.

In conclusion, just don’t talk trash about your friends. If you feel compelled to talk about them, then you probably shouldn’t be their friend.