Gay rights? More like human rights.


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons French Settlement High School in Livingston Parish, LA had a rightful change of heart when they allowed LGBTQIA students to attend prom as couples.

by Diarra Smith, Staff Writer

 Prom. One of the most exciting and memorable nights for some, yet for others not so much. In March 2016, two gay students attending French Settlement High School in Livingston Parish, Louisiana, were told that they were not welcome at their school’s annual Senior Prom. They were casually waiting in line for their tickets, as were many other students when their assistant principal, disrupted their plans. She revealed that it would be against their school regulations to allow the gay couple to attend prom together.

When one of the boys attempted to text his mom for backup, he was immediately suspended for use of his cell-phone during school hours.

     Although the school’s principal eventually had a “change of heart,” that was only after the situation became known to the entire school administration and her job was put at risk for being discriminatory towards not just two students, but a colossal part of today’s society.

The principal was never held accountable for her actions nor reprimanded, and continues to work in the same field today.

    Despite the fact that this took place about a year ago, it is truly interesting to see that this kind of hatred happens outside of the safe held boundaries of Glen Rock. I believe that this woman’s job should be revoked for not only causing unnecessary chaos but affecting these students’ lives forever. That alone, can have the utmost negative effect on a person, and this principal had no right to do so. Despite what personal feelings the administration may have towards a certain gender, sexuality, race, etc. they should have the capability to rise above their ignorant preferences and refrain from spreading their hatred and negative energy out to the world. It is evident that times have evolved from just the traditional heterosexual relationship, and whether teachers, parents, guardians, etc. support these student’s preferred lifestyle or not, they should not have to suppress their true identities and should have an impregnable environment to be who they really are. I think that it’s time to start teaching student’s impressionable minds acceptance instead of one opinion, set by an unreachable and unreasonable standard that is slowly ruining many’s mental health.

The fact that the school had the ability to isolate students from an any social event in general, is sickening in my opinion.

    Although Glen Rock High School is accepting towards LGBTQIA rights and other diversities,  unfortunately, not every town in the world is as progressive as ours can be, but hopefully one day that truth will evolve as well.