Key Club gives back to community


Photo Credit: @glenrockeyclub

One of the ways the Key Club raises money is through donation stands like this one, which was set up outside of Kilroy’s Market.

by Alyssa Kitz, Staff Writer

The newest club at Glen Rock, The Key Club, is headed by Ms. Kathleen Walter with the help of juniors Hiroki Doyle and Isaac Hart. The club is for students who want to do community service for local groups.

“I think kids like this because they are in charge of the projects,” Walter said. “I bring in ideas and contacts, but they really decide what they are going to do. They get excited about that control and it’s all about civic duty and service.”

Every member of the club’s opinion gets taken into consideration, although not all are chosen to go through into a project. However, the ones that are used leave an impression on the students and the people they help.

“If you are a member of this club, you can feel like you did your job or duty as a citizen; you made the community of Glen Rock a better place than when you came here, and that is every citizen’s duty,” Walter said.

The goal of the club is for all who are involved to provide an important service to those in need.

“The kids did a food drive for the local pantry, they’ve collected for Bergen county community services, and they have a few other projects planned,” Walter said.

The few activities they’ve done have all had positive responses, and they are planning to do more in the future.