Nurse’s Office gets new sign-in system


Photo Credit: Julia Blando

Computer used to check into the Nurse’s Office.

by Julia Blando, Copy Editor

A check-in system was implemented in the Nurse’s Office by Michael Pasciuto, beginning on Monday, Jan. 9, which immediately lets teachers know when the student checks in, and when they check out.

This was created because in the past, nurses and teachers would have to call and email back and forth, which was very time consuming.Occasionally, students would also tell their teachers they were going to the Nurse, when they really were not. The system is a way to completely avoid both  of these situations.

“I’d have teachers either calling or emailing me, and I’d have to either respond via email or phone. It was back and forth, we were searching over the intercom for students as well, because we didn’t know where they were. Now, that is all resolved due to the new system,” Ms. Robin Leone, nurse, said.

The system works the same as the one in the Sports Lobby, where late students check in and print late passes.

Students simply log in using their last name or Student ID number. When this is done, their name will immediately be highlighted on the teacher’s computer, letting them know they have arrived at the Nurse’s Office, and be unhighlighted when they leave, indicating that they are no longer with a nurse.