Despite early loss, bowling team hopes for successful season


Photo Credit: Hiroki Doyle

Matt Carbone (’17), Steven Lis (’17), and Coach Bonnie Zimmerman before the match on Dec. 8.

by David Viggiano, Staff Writer

The bowling team played their first match on Dec. 8, 2016 at Parkway Lanes in Elmwood Park, N.J.. Despite all three games resulting in a loss, one of which included an opponent scoring a perfect game, the team believes that this will be a propitious season.

While being a casual activity for many, the sport of bowling is taken seriously at Glen Rock High School. The team is entering its seventh season and serves as one of the six winter sports offered at the high school. It consists of 14 players, half of whom are new members.

The team is coached by Ms. Bonnie Zimmerman for the fourth year in a row, as well as Ms. Amanda Sproviero. The team finished the previous season with a record just above .500.

“We have lots of room for improvement,” Zimmerman said. “It takes a while to develop skills, but I think this year we’re going to be a lot better in terms of the fact that the returning players have been bowling more than previous seasons.”

Student interest in the bowling team is apparent by the growth of seven players. The team hopes that the coaching staff will be able to develop these players over the course of the season.  Outside of the chances for skill development, the team has been described as a positive social experience, consisting of kind and welcoming members.

Hiroki Doyle (‘18), second-year player who recently scored a personal best of 225 during practice, expressed this aspect of the team to be his motivation for playing.

“The other players are really nice and inviting,” Doyle said. “The coaches, both Zimm and Spro, are great people who really encourage you to do your best.”

Doyle also referenced Zimmerman’s approach to coaching to describe how the team is aiming to improve during practice.

“Zimm always says we need to improve on our spares,” Doyle said. “That’s definitely an area where a lot of players can improve.”

The team’s small roster of 14 could be due to the fact that some athletes use the winter to prepare for other sports. This includes the winter track athletes, who often use the sport as a way to keep in shape and increase speed for spring or fall sports.

“I want to do winter track because it is helping me prepare for spring track,” said Kavi Singh, a freshman winter track member.

Despite other sports being the priority for some athletes, knowledge of the bowling team has sparked the interest of particular students, which haresulted in a hope for growth in the future.

“I’m glad we have it because it is unique and interesting,” Singh said. “but I am more interested in track and field at the moment.”

Though its size may be minimal compared to other teams, the bowling team is undergoing large growth at the high school and is intriguing students. Despite an early loss, the experience of returning players and skill development for new members in will hopefully result in a successful season and serve as a positive social experience for players. The season is to include 13 matches, aside from the first, all taking place at Parkway Lanes. Support is appreciated by the team.