Ice hockey enters season with high hopes


Photo Credit: Julian Bennett

Glen Rock opened up their season with a 9-0 shutout win.

by Hiroki Doyle, Contributing Member

Junior Eddie Corvelli had a hat trick in Glen Rock’s 9-0 win in their opening game against Wayne Valley on Saturday, Nov. 26. With a new head coach, Anthony Yelovich, and assistant coach, Zane Kalemba, the team has to adjust to new management as well as live up to the success of last year’s team.

Last year, the team made it to the state final, which they hope to do again this year. The team is led by seniors Jake Kinney, Peter Cassidy, Colin Morrow, and Leo Pawlika.

“I definitely think we can return to and win the state final this year.” Kinney said. “Our team has the drive and the talent to go far.”

The team hopes to reach its goal with hard work and proper mentoring from the leaders of the team.

“We have a group of true leaders on this team that most teams will not possess,” Kalemba said.

In addition to the captains, the new coaches also hope to lead the team to a state championship. Even though the coaches are in their first year with the team, the players have built up chemistry with both Yelovich and Kalemba.

Both coaches have had a lot of experience playing and coaching hockey. According to Corvelli and Kinney, Yelovich has a different style of play from last year, but there are no major problems with the chemistry.

“He knows a lot about the game and can teach the game very well. This will make Glen Rock a dangerous team during the hockey season,” Corvelli said.

The coaches believe that there are many things that set Glen Rock apart from other teams.

“The team’s dedication to putting in extra work has impressed me,” Kalemba said. “The players are always asking for extra ice and drills and are happy to dedicate themselves and working on their skills and preparation overtime.”

Glen Rock also believes that their depth will help them succeed this year. In their first game, Glen Rock had two underclassmen score goals.

“I knew the talent level of the upperclassmen, but I am getting to know the younger kids too, and they are good hockey players as well,” Kinney said. “The freshmen and sophomores are looking good this year. I am confident that they will be the leaders of this team in a few years, and that Glen Rock hockey has a strong future.”

In Glen Rock’s season opener, Jake Kinney was broke the school record for career points with 142. The team hopes that with a record-breaking player, high-skilled seniors and juniors, and an impressive underclassmen line up to provide depth, they will be able to return to the state finals and bring home the program’s first state championship.