Economics students take on new challenge


Photo Credit: Ian Stephenson

Juniors Jun Seo, Jack Kellerk, Nick McRae, Matt Heller, and Sagar Ohri present their reasons on why Glen Rock should have a 1-to-1 student-laprop ratio.

by Ian Stephenson, Staff Writer

Fourteen students took on a new challenge and participated in the iSchool Initiative on Nov. 18.

These students presented business models on how to improve student life to a group of teachers, advisers, and moderators. They were divided into three groups, which focused on student-teacher communication and implementing a one-to-one student-to-laptop ratio.

Students from Belvidere High School in Warren County also participated. The program, known as the Glen Rock High School Advocates Program, was open to students in AP Economics or in the DECA Club, both overseen by Mr. Frank Manziano.

“Basically, what I was asking was students who are interested in leadership, presentation, business, but also in leaving a legacy for the school in the area of technology-come and apply,” Manziano said.

Students were selected through an application process after hearing about the program from Manziano  or a friend who had heard of it.

“I thought it was an amazing experience,” said Jun Seo, (‘18), an AP Economics student.

Seo’s group, which included juniors Nick McRae, Matt Heller, Sagar Ohri, and Jack Kellerk, proposed a one-to-one student -to-laptop ratio in our school.

“I’d say that even if you think you’re not good at this sort of stuff you should totally try it out,” Seo said.

Manziano said that he started the program and believed it would be a great fit for DECA, the school’s business club. He then spoke to Principal John Arlotta about it, who approved it and made Manziano the group’s adviser.

Sabina Sose, (‘18),  also spoke of her group’s objective.

“It was to introduce a new way to bring more technology into our school to improve our education.”

Sose’s group, which included juniors Tina Rivara, Richard Beezley, Alison Kane, and Alexa Maurice, focused on establishing a better communication system between students and faculty.

According to Seo, the students had one full day of preparation in school and had to put in many after-school hours as well before the final presentation.

Manziano said that the students came up with ideas for their projects focusing on student concerns, while he spoke with Arlotta, Vice Principal Michael Pasciuto, and Director of Curriculum and Instruction Kathleen Regan about faculty issues.

“I thought our presentation was good, but we haven’t done anything with the presentation,” Sose said.

However, Manziano said that the students will now modify their projects and try to implement them.

Seo and Sose both said that if given the opportunity, they would definitely participate again. Manziano hopes that the program will last beyond this year and that the students who participated this year will return next year.