An elephantine win for Republicans


Donald J Trump, President-elect of the United States for 2016 captivated his followers with his radical ideas and propositions. Trump will be signed into office on Friday, January 20.

by Alethea Jadick, News Manager

Donald J. Trump defied all American polls and the popular vote this November to become the President-elect.

Although adamant Clinton supporters refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election, Trump supporters prepare for life under the Trump administration.

Dean Eleftheriades, senior, has been a supporter of Trump since before his campaign really took off. “I think his stances on tax and trade will really put us in the right direction,” Eleftheriades said.

Supporters of Trump have stuck by him through many ups and downs in his campaign. They believe that he deserves to by president because he played his cards right.

Peter Cassidy, senior, praises Trump for putting the country first. “He has the right ideas and is doing it for the better of our country,” Cassidy said.

Many thought that a Trump presidency would be catastrophic for the country. However, as of Nov. 8 stocks and international markets have been looking extremely positive.

Most American stocks were preparing for Clinton to win and although many dropped in the hours after the election, by the end of the day on Nov. 9 all major stocks had risen including the Dow Jones Industrial Average which had advanced by a colossal 257 points.

This year’s election has been very unique for many reasons. Trump ran for Office with no legislative background, he won against all odds with very little support from his own Republican party, and Clinton seemed to have all the right qualifications.

At many times during the election, Clinton supporters felt like the woman they supported had the election in the bag. She was well-educated, had an abundance of experience, and was poised and professional.

That is why so many of her supporters were dumbfounded when she was put in the position of giving her concession speech.

“If she runs again, I hope you continue to support her with the strength you had. She was definitely a really strong candidate, she just ran against the wrong person this year,” Eleftheriades said.

The Clinton fans thought she had it in the bag and didn’t feel the motivation or responsibility to go out and vote.

— Alyssa Lorenz

It speaks powerfully to the state of our country that Trump, who is known to be slightly racist, loose with the truth, and very conservative, did so well in his running and lost so few supporters at times when it seems he should have.

As his campaign gained steam, adding more supporters to its roster everyday, it seemed that many important figures in his own party were in awe.

Mitt Romney, an influential member of the Republican party, openly spoke against Trump. However, this abandonment only seemed to fuel Trump’s fire.

Alyssa Lorenz (’17) believes that the difference between winning and losing for Trump was the fact that most people wrote him off as a joke.

“I think that people become a lot more passionate and determined when someone tells them they can’t. And everyone told Trump and the people that supported him that he couldn’t,” she said.

Although a recount of votes is taking place, it is unlikely that anything will come of it. Trump supporters and their unfading advocation for Donald Trump have taken victory in the 2016 Presidential election.