Healthy plan for holidays

Healthy plan for holidays

by Olivia Traphagan

Eating healthy around the clock should always be a priority for everyone, but we tend to get a little crazy with food around the holidays.

Ms. Stephanie Nerney, the school nurse, believes that getting rest and washing hands could avoid germs around the holidays.

“I would suggest trying to eat healthy and make sure you’re eating three meals a day at least. Try to fill up on healthy snacks like nuts, vegetables, fruits, and yogurts.”

Breakfast choices:

– Oatmeal (with raisins, chia seeds, bananas, cinnamon)

– Smoothie (with almond milk and no added sugar)

– Yogurt (with or without granola)

– Fruit salad

– Granola with almond milk


Lunch choices:

– Caesar salad (with grilled chicken)

– Turkey and cheese sandwich (gluten free bread)

– Apples and peanut butter/almond butter


Snack choices:

– Banana/apples with peanut butter

– Fruit salad

– Granola bar


Dinner choices:

– Salad

– Grilled chicken with a side of veggies

– Pasta with marinara sauce (skip the butter)

– Sushi

– Turkey, stuffing, and other traditional foods (Thanksgiving)


Dessert choices:

– Fruit (strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, etc.)

– Raspberry/lemon sorbet

– Organic frozen yogurt with berries


Sara Cowlan, a nutritionist, loves having the satisfaction of working with people and transforming their health relationship with food and their bodies for the better. She gives a few healthy meal ideas to eat throughout the day.

Healthy breakfast: Eggs any style on avocado multi-grain toast and a fruit

Healthy lunch: Salad with grilled chicken, vegetables, cheese, olive oil and vinegar dressing and a serving of grain (such as quinoa)

Healthy dinner: Salmon, sweet potato and stir fry broccoli and peppers