Student interns for tech department


Photo Credit: Ben Solomon

The tech department recently took on a new intern. The last time the tech department had an intern was in 2011

by Ben Solomon, Senior Staff Writer

The tech department recently took on Nick McRae, junior, as an intern.

McRae worked with the tech department over the summer, and he was offered a position at the start of the school year, after McRae requested to extend working with tech into the new school year.

The internship does not pay and no credit towards graduation is received from the position.

The internship replaces McRae’s option period, and he will act as intern for the remainder of the school year.

“I’m not sure about my senior year,” McRae said.

Student interns are not a new concept for the tech department as they have had them in the past, the last intern being in 2011.

The department does not take volunteers and invites only those they want to be part of the department. McRae is currently the only student intern.

“I fix computers, I label computers, I fix the clocks because they’re wireless and they break a lot,” said McRae

There isn’t a set curriculum for interns and McRae is unsure about what he will have to do for the department in the future.

The tech department is open to interns if they show capability and motivation  

“We would offer the opportunity to students that have either worked for us during the summer or have been a member of the AV Club,” said Mr. Rich Santos, the network administrator for the Tech Department.

The department would like to bring aboard more interns, but they want to wait till the end of the year to evaluate McRae’s internship. They need to decide whether the internship provided worthwhile experience for McRae and whether one period proved enough time for the intern to be productive.

“We would also consider, on a year to year basis, how much appropriate work would be available for an intern to complete,” Santos said.