Choir raises funds with pies


by Patricia Whyte, Staff Writer

Members of the Concert Choir, Madrigals Choir, and Women’s Choir are selling pies to raise money for their upcoming trip to compete in a choral competition in Orlando, Florida. The students will be selling pies until November 14.

Camile Caselow (‘17) has sold pies to her teachers and friends to raise money for the trip. “The trip is somewhere around $1600, so it’s good to raise money with pies, I feel like a lot of people like pies,” said Caselow.

The fundraiser is advised by choir directors Carl Helder and Anna Lilikas. “The fundraiser for the choir students helps reduce the cost for participation in our Orlando choir festival,” Helder said.

The students profit individually from each pie they sell. The pies are all sold at $16 a pie, and for each pie the student who sold it profits $3, approximately a 20% profit. The fundraiser offers a variety of different flavor pies, such as apple, pumpkin, blueberry and cherry.

Up until last year, the pies for the fundraiser were made at Harold’s Farm, however Harold’s Farm is no longer in business so the pies are made and purchased from Demarest farms.

Last year, the most popular pie sold was the pumpkin pie. In addition to selling pies to the Glen Rock community, one can also purchase a pie to be donated to Eva’s Village, and the student will still profit from the donated pie. Eva’s Village is a non-profit, social service organization located in Paterson that provides for the homeless and those in need.

“I think it’s wonderful that we can provide people with pie, it’s a win-win,” Caselow said.

Last year, 49 pies were donated to Eva’s Village through the choir fundraisers. In total, 279 pies were sold last year amongst the 55 students who went on the choir trip to Annapolis.

“We put out a stack of order forms on the piano, I think I had about 100 copies, and they’re just about all gone.” Helder said.  Additionally, pie forms were made available online to students to print themselves.

In addition to the pie sales, the choir offers other fundraising opportunities to the students. Instead of the annual cookie dough fundraiser, this year the choir  will be running a chocolate bar sale for the first time.

“I think that’ll be more successful,” Helder said.

Caroline Koenig (‘18) will also be partaking in the fundraiser and selling pies to her family and friends. “I think it’s great that we can fundraise because if there’s someone who really wants to go on the trip but can’t afford it, then they can raise a bunch of money and they’ll still be able to be involved,” Koenig said.