Guidance department welcomes newest member


Photo Credit: Abby Stern

The guidance department welcomed its newest member, Laura Vargo.

by Abby Stern, Contributing Member

Most students don’t know that they will be talking about top sports teams, baking the best pastries and world travels when they go to their guidance counselor.

With Laura Vargo as a guidance counselor, all of these things are possible.

The end of last school year saw one guidance counselor, Mr. Dan Brodhead, depart but it made room for a new addition. Vargo is the newest member of the guidance office. Chatting with Vargo could result in a talk about personal hobbies like traveling and baking. Vargo also enjoys meeting new people and getting involved in different organizations and uses those traits to advance as a counselor.

This is Vargo’s first year as a counselor here, and she has already begun to make a great first impression on students and faculty alike.

Maya Doyle, a freshman, said that her first impression of Ms. Vargo was sweet, kind, and warmhearted. Hailey Sapoff, another freshman, had a similar impression of Vargo, having said she was “so nice” and “very friendly.”

Vargo was previously employed at Northern Highlands Regional High School but is happy to be a part of Glen Rock. She said, “My favorite thing about Glen Rock so far is the supportive community. I feel a real sense of school spirit.”

Vargo wants students to feel welcome in her office at anytime, whether they are in need of help managing their time, academic assistance, finding a tutor, working through issues in class, or needing help with friends. Vargo said, “I’m looking forward for getting to know my students on a personal basis and working with them throughout the year.”

Vargo became a counselor because of her passion for working with kids and making high school the best experience it can be for each student. She acknowledges that high school can be some of the most trying years of life but also some of the most important in making memories.

“I want students to feel comfortable exploring all of the exciting opportunities that they have at this age and getting excited about the future,” Vargo said.

Lawrence Wolff, Director of Student Personnel, believes Vargo is a great addition to the guidance department.

“We took our time to do a very extensive search. Ms. Vargo’s resume clearly stood out. She clearly was head and shoulders above everyone else to step in and seamlessly take over. She provided a smooth transition and fit right in, perfectly,” Wolff said.