Acrid odor in cafeteria deemed safe


Photo Credit: Sophie Ferreri

The roof above the cafeteria had its annual checkup yesterday, creating a bad odor that filled the lunchroom and concerned students and faculty members. The odor was deemed non-hazardous.

by Sophie Ferreri, Snapchat Manager

Students felt nauseated due to a mysterious smell in the cafeteria during their lunch period yesterday.

Lunch duty faculty and the maintenance department rushed to open windows to air out the cafeteria while students sat holding their noses.

“My eyes were watering. I hate the smell of gas,” Katie Kelly (’18) said.

Kelly, along with the majority of students, had no clue what caused the lingering smell.

Answers came forth after talking to Supervisor of Facilities and Security, Sandy Marinos. She explained how the regular roofing contractors were at the school to do general preventive maintenance on the roofs.

“We do this every year to make sure the roofs are kept in good shape,” Marinos said.

The roof contractors reseal vents or the open pipes that open up due to temperature changes during the year. Some of the products they use emit an odor for a short time until it dries. The HVAC intake system was closed until dissipated.

We do this every year to make sure the roofs are kept in good shape”

— Sandy Marinos, Supervisor of Facilities and Security

According to member of the maintenance department, Diane Anderson, the smell was not harmful to any students.

The roof of the cafeteria, unfortunately, was where the contractors did most of the work, causing the smell to be as prominent as it was.

“A smell like that is something you definitely don’t want in your cafeteria when your eating lunch. How unappetizing,” said Ms. Beverly O’Hearn, who works as an Administrative Assistant to the Principal.