English Department gains addition

by Nicole Settlow, Staff Writer

Ms. Ashley Yancy is a new freshmen and sophomore English teacher.

However, even though she loves teaching, she didn’t always plan to be one.

Yancy graduated Lehigh University with a double major in English and political science but teaching is not what she went to college to study. She originally wanted to go to law school, but once she started classes she realized she wasn’t passionate enough to be a lawyer.

“I was going to be this big time lawyer for about 10 years,” Yancy said. “I would switch careers and end up teaching.”

All teachers want their students to succeed, including Yancy.

“I want them to challenge themselves,” she said “Don’t set boundaries, don’t set limits for yourself.”

Yancy also has goals she would like to accomplish herself: she wants to manage and properly juggle everything.

David Viggiano is a freshman and is in one of Yancy’s freshmen classes. According to Viggiano, Yancy’s class is “enjoyable, but it is still structured and very productive, there is a good balance between free writing and analysis of literature.”

Liz McCarthy is also a freshman who has Yancy this year.

“She really cares about how well everyone is understanding stuff, and how well people do in her class,” McCarthy said.

Although Yancy is new to Glen Rock and teaching “she seems to have a knowledgeable concept of her teachings,” Viggiano said, “We analyze literature in that class at a faster rate than any other English class I’ve ever been in.”

“Having the privilege of watching my students not only grow academically,” Yancy said, “I get to see them grow as people, and that’s one of my favorite things.”  

Teachers have students who are there to learn and others who are there to fool around. Yancy said, “you don’t understand how difficult it is until your in the moment.”

Yancy is not only an English teacher this year, but she is also a freshmen class adviser and middle school girls soccer coach. “I meet other students that I wouldn’t have been able to meet before,” Yancy said.

Freshmen are “fresh out of middle school” and “wide-eyed.” Yancy says she “gets to make an impact in a different way.”