Students voice concern about blood donation


by Kaitlyn Krasey, Staff Writer

New Jersey Blood Service hosted its annual blood drive at Glen Rock High School today, asking healthy students to donate 15 minutes and a pint of blood to sick patients in need.

“It’s good to help these people. We take stuff for granted, things as simple as blood, when a lot of people aren’t even lucky enough to have that,” senior Julia Blando said.

Although donors are provided with snacks, water, and even a “Blood Buddy” for moral and physical support, donating blood is still frightening to many.

Ben Solomon, junior, did not donate blood and is not planning to next year either. “It’s a scary process, getting blood taken. The needle and stuff, I don’t feel comfortable doing it in school.”

Hemophobia, or an irrational fear of blood, holds many back from donating. Hemophobia can cause anxiety and even fainting.

Still, more than 74 donors participated in the drive and it was a success.