Junior class considers potential change of date for prom


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Julia Rooney

Senior Julia Rooney and senior, Hannah Vanderwall live it up on the dance floor at last year’s junior prom which occurred on a Friday night. The Class of 2017’s junior prom was agreeably said to be one of the best nights of their lives so far.

by Sophie Ferreri, Snapchat Manager

Students of the junior class left their welcoming grade assembly appalled at the idea of breaking tradition and holding prom on a Thursday instead of a Friday, and then conduct a mandatory “field day” the following morning.

The assembly was held during the first week of school for juniors only. The assembly was hosted during the third slot in the day by Principal John Arlotta and Vice Principal Michael Pasciuto, along with brand new class advisors, Mrs. Kathleen Walter and Mr. Tom Lyon.

“I just think you can’t really ruin the tradition of a friday night prom because kids staying up late after prom is what underclassmen look forward too,” John Lamacchia (18′) said.

During the assembly, class advisors introduced the idea and its benefit to save the class money due to logistics of supply and demand, which causes the location would be cheaper. On the other hand, it was also mentioned how the Class of 2018 had already raised and saved more money than most of the previous junior classes.

“I mean kids who plan to misbehave on a Friday will misbehave on a Thursday.””

— John Lamacchia (18')

Jean Walter, Class President and track athlete, proposed others factors behind the idea to change the date.

“A lot of teachers now won’t have to give up their Friday nights, kids won’t go out drinking afterwards, the saved up money can add to components of a better prom, and track athletes wont have to wake up the next morning to run at a meet, which isn’t fair in the first place,” Walter said.

Walter then to explained the plan for the potential field day, which would be the Friday after prom. Students arrive at the high school by 10 a.m.. The day itself would include obstacle courses and bubble soccer. It would resemble the Central elementary school field day “but cooler.”

“Most kids might want to go out late and sleep in and stuff, but it’s really not that bad of a trade because we would let students come in the next morning late and then track athletes would have a day to rest up,” Walter said.

Juniors have been commenting negatively on the possible date change.

There will be a class meeting September 27, held by the junior class advisers and officer. The meeting is open to all students to discuss the matter and decide between Thursday or Friday.