Metsch-Ampel takes on two AP courses next year


Photo Credit: Catherine Bennett

The Language of Composition textbook in the English Office.

by Catherine Bennett, Staff Writer

A different teacher will take on the AP Language and Composition courses next year.

Ms. Randi Metsch-Ampel, English teacher, is going to be teaching two classes of AP Language and Composition this coming school year.

This will be her first time teaching an AP course at the Glen Rock High School. In the past, Metsch-Ampel has taught a variety of different classes at both the University of Michigan and Greenfield College

Metsch-Ampel found out she would be teaching these courses when her department leader, Ms. Patricia Mahoney, told the English department the courses they would be teaching this upcoming fall.

Metsch-Ampel plans to prepare herself for this course and take note of what has been taught in previous years from her colleague.  

“I’m pretty much planning to work all of August,” she said. “All my colleagues have been very generous beyond belief.”

Next year, Metsch-Ampel will be teaching one English 10, two creative writing classes, and two AP Language and Composition classes.

“In the core English classes, we focus a lot on fiction, and this will focus exclusively on nonfiction,” she said.

Metsch-Ampel is also looking forward to using some journalistic sources in her teaching, having been a journalism teacher for several years in the past.

“I would say I am nervous about the challenge, that’s part of what motivates me usually,” Metsch-Ampel said. “I know these kids coming in are going to be really smart, and I love that, but I’m gonna have to work even harder.”