Duck reserves his spot


Photo Credit: Ben Solomon

Ducks nest made in Courtyard

by Zack Riley, Staff Writer

An unusual visitor has been getting a lot of attention by the students of Glen Rock High School. Students have been fascinated by the unexpected appearance of a duck that has nested and laid eggs in the courtyard.

The duck is located in the far corner near the door entering to the junior hall.

“It must have flew in and stayed,” Environment Science teacher Ms. Heather McDermott said.

The ducks safety seemed to be the real question with students wandering around nearby. Still, McDermott is hesitant to remove the duck.

“If we remove the duck there is a chance of someone touching the eggs, and the duck could abandon the babies, and if we move the nest the duck could lose the nest and never find the little ducklings again,” McDermott said.

Students watch the duck at many different hours of the day to enjoy its presence and take a picture of the wonderful creature that waddled its way into our schools courtyard.

“It lives in nature and we should let it be. It’s not doing any harm so let it be,” said Cole Wrede (18).

The ducklings recently hatched and, after a short walk through the hallways of the school, have been moved off of the property.