Girls track squad to attend national event


Photo Credit: Mr. J.P McCarten

(From left to right) Selma Sose (Sophomore), Alethea Jadick (Junior), Hannah Vander Wall (Junior), and Rachel McMahon (Sophomore) pose with their medals after qualifying for the national event in Greensboro, NC.

by Lee Hasselmann, Staff Writer

Four Glen Rock High School athletes will run the shuttle hurdles event at Nationals in Greensboro, North Carolina from June 17-19. Alethea Jadick (Junior), Hannah Vanderwall (Junior), Rachel McMahon (Sophomore), and Selma Sose (sophomore).

The event is “a 100 meter relay, with ten hurdles per runner, totaling 400 meters,” according to Jadick.

Vanderwall particularly enjoys this event.

“Shuttles is my favorite race because I get to run hurdles and compete with my team members rather than against them,” she said.

Overall the girls will be shooting to break the school record of 64.5 seconds, one that his been held nearly 20 years in Glen Rock High School. The fastest this years girls have run is 65.5 seconds.

Track coach, Mr. McCarten, believes that the girls truly have what it takes to beat the record this year.

“I’m so excited to be able to go to North Carolina and run shuttles with Alethea, Rachel and Selma,” Vanderwall said. “We all push each other to do better. I wouldn’t want to go to North Carolina with anyone else.”

“We are all really close and very good genuine friends and all support each other,” Jadick said about her relationship with her team.

This team of girls have prior experience running in a national events as they competed in the New Balance Nationals in the winter season.

The girls were not able to place for their event but, Jadick said, it would be possible for them to place among the top six for this upcoming event in North Carolina.

Vanderwall compared the winter event and the spring event. “I think for spring nationals it’s going to be a lot bigger and different,” she said.

Winter nationals were held at the armory in New York City, the site of many other meets for the Glen Rock Track team.

“Running nationals in winter was still scary, but we had ran at the armory for so many other meets that it didn’t feel that different,” Vanderwall said.

“We are all going to be really nervous,but it is going to be so fun no matter the outcome,” Jadick said. “We are really out there for fun.”