School faced with internet troubles


Photo Credit: Carter Stansel

A common webpage that would pop up while trying to access school fusion while the webpage was down.

by Carter Stansel, Staff Writer

Glen Rock High School has had some recent troubles with the internet, and particularly School Fusion on June 7.

“The internet crashes can be anywhere from faulty hardware to an outage related to the Internet service provider,” Rich Santos, network administrator of the technology department, said.

During this period of time, the firewall blocking all unauthorized websites was down for a short amount of time before being fixed. 

“While all outages come with a certain level of stress it is important to remain calm to assure you take the proper troubleshooting steps to fix the issue,” Santos said.

School Fusion has also been an issue for students. The site has been experiencing problems loading.

“When School Fusion is down, I usually panic since I‘m unsure of the homework assignments that are due the next day, and there is a possibility that I will get a zero for that assignment if the teacher does not recognize the fact that it was down,” Takeru Kishida, freshman class president, said.  “I would normally take a picture of fusion being down so that I can use that as evidence if the teacher did not believe me.” 

School Fusion is a vital resource to the school. “I do use [School Fusion] because I know that it is a portal not just for students, but for parents also to stay involved and make sure they know what going on with their children,” Brian Montalbano, Latin teacher, said.

Fusion has been a great way for students to access information about their teachers, homework, and much more from home. It has largely impacted many students lives, but causes problems when it is not functioning properly.

“I’ve seen many benefits to it. I haven’t seen too many other problems with it though,” Montalbano said.