Teachers are not teachers year round


Photo Credit: Julia Blando

Teachers are counting down the days until school is out.

by Julia Blando, Senior Staff Writer

Teachers teach in a classroom for approximately ten months out of the year. Their two month summer is a time to plan lessons, attend workshops, and recuperate. Some find it refreshing to have a break, however, some cannot afford to fully enjoy it.

Their incomes are put on hold, but their expenses are not. Even though, teachers do not receive a salary during summer, they still need funds to cover the costs of living. 

Each teacher determines on his or her own how to spend the summer months.

“I really love hanging out in my backyard, and reading books when it’s warm, and not wearing shoes, or makeup, or blow drying my hair for like two months; that’s the best thing about summer,”  art teacher Ms. Nicole Rusin said.

Rusin puts money away throughout the school year to make it through her favorite time of year without having to worry about her expenses. She has a little help from her husband, who works throughout the entire year.

Two incomes.

— Nicole Rusin

After school gets out, Rusin plans to jump on a plane to Los Angeles, California. Her trip is to visit her sister and friends for a week. After she comes back and celebrates the Fourth of July, she and her husband are going to visit Niagara Falls for the first time.

Ms. Kirsys Guevarez, Spanish teacher, is spending most of her summer travelling outside of the country.

“It’s cultural,” Guevarez said.

Guevarez will be visiting Prague and Hungary on her own.She will then be accompanied by her husband on a trip to the Dominican Republic. In addition to Guevarez’s own savings, her husband’s paychecks ensure Guevarez that she is able to afford her ambitious summer.

Originating from the Caribbean, Guevarez enjoys the sun and every moment of the warm weather she can get. Guevarez looks forward to her annual vacations all year. Guevarez plans to make the most of her summer by spending it doing it what she loves, traveling.

While Guevarez is looking forward to spending her summer outdoors, Ms. Leah Wittenberg, a math teacher, has a different idea of fun in the sun.

“I’m excited to be inside,” Wittenberg said.

Wittenberg will spend her summer working at a day camp located by William Paterson University. She plans to work there alongside her aunt and cousin.

Wittenberg is especially excited to work at this children’s camp because she attended the same camp during her youth.  Wittenberg will be indoors all summer, working as the camp receptionist. For eight hours a day, lasting eight weeks, she’ll be enjoying the cool breeze of the air conditioner.