New boys’ soccer head coach fills vacancy


Photo Credit: Carter Stansel

The lower turf where the majority of the soccer games are played.

by Carter Stansel, Staff Writer

The new varsity soccer coach will be former J.V. coach Casey Shick. Former varsity coach, Paul Cusack, will not be returning with the team next season.

He played as a student with the program for four years and has been coaching for the past six years.

“He wanted to spend time with his family,” Wyatt Milbrodt (‘19) said.

The program didn’t have to look very far for their search for a new head coach.

“I did not only coach with Coach Cusack, but I played for him as well. He has taught me a lot about the ins-and-outs of coaching, game preparation, and team building, so the transition from J.V. to varsity should not be as challenging as a new coach coming into the program,” Shick said.

This upcoming season will be his first season coaching in a varsity position, but the players have high expectations.

“I think he’ll fit in perfectly,” Nick Rogers (‘19) who played on Shick’s team last year said. “On J.V. last year, he collaborated with coach Cusack a lot and he was able to get a good sense what he wants out of the program.”

The program is now searching for a new J.V. coach. Mr. Jason Toncic, the current freshman soccer coach, will stay at the same level.

“I respect his decision,” Rogers said about Toncic staying at the freshman level.

Next year will be no easy task for the team and a learning experience for all.

“Coaching J.V. has been a great experience, but I am ready for the next step,” Shick said.