Sproviero takes the stage with secret talent


Photo Credit: Mrs. Mahoney

Ms. Sproviero performs “Fever,” at Coffee House 40. She was nervous at first to performs in front of her coworkers and students. She plans on performing in future Coffee Houses.

by Catherine Bennett, Staff Writer

Students didn’t know what to expect when they found out math teacher Ms. Amanda Sproviero would be performing at Coffee House XL. Until her name had appeared on the list of performers, it hadn’t crossed anyone’s mind that she had a secret talent for singing.

Sproviero took the stage, singing a song called Fever, a jazz standard. Around the room, everyone’s jaw dropped seconds after she began to sing.

Andrew Stoddard (19’) had attended the event and participated in two acts himself.

“I really didn’t know what to expect,” Stoddard said. “No one’s ever talked about her signing.”

Accompanying Sproviero on the drums were Mr. Kupka and, on the piano, Mr. Levi. Practicing only once prior to the performance, Sproviero was especially nervous to perform for her first time in front of her coworkers and students.

“I was terrified. My heart was pounding moments before hand, I thought I was going to forget the lyrics–because I’ve done it before, so I was very nervous,” she said.

Despite the nerves, Sproviero brought the house down.

Ms. Sproviero performing the lead as Carmen Bernstein in her high school's production of "Curtains," her senior year.
Photo Credit: Ms. Sproviero
Ms. Sproviero performing the lead as Carmen Bernstein in her high school’s production of “Curtains,” her senior year.

“I really liked the song that she did, and I thought she had an amazing performance,” Stoddard said.

Sproviero has been singing for as long as she can remember.

“My grandfather sang, so I would sing with him. My dad sings in a band, so I knew I could sing because my whole family sings,” Sproviero said.

In high school, Sproviero participated in all her high school musicals and in the select choir. Over the years she developed her voice and gained confidence. Sproviero even went on to sing in her college years with an acapella group called ITunes.

“My senior year of high school, I was the lead in the musical Curtains, and I had this very big production number. Afterwards I just remember, kind of similar to Coffee House, people would come up to me and say how strong my voice was. That was a really proud moment.” Sproviero said.

Sproviero looks forward to performing in future Coffee Houses, as well as other teacher talent shows. She will also most likely be performing this spring at a school function called Glenstock, an event that is similar to Coffee House but outside.

“I’m still always nervous about the lyrics,” Sproviero said. “But once I sing it for the first time in front of people, I can sing it again.”