Junior Prom fundraising benefits students


Photo Credit: Caroline Griffen

Display of the Class of 2017’s bulletin board at the end of their hallway, full of prom packets with helpful packages and tips for prom.

by Caroline Griffin and Colin Morrow

Junior Prom is just around the corner and tickets are due.

Tickets need to be handed in to the high school office no later than Tuesday, May 2.

Since the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, the Class of 2017 officers and advisers have been raising money in order to lower 2016 junior prom tickets as much as possible. Since the event costs thousands of dollars, each student would have to pay hundreds in order to cover the night. However, following the efforts of the class officers, the ticket prices were able to be lowered.

Although the junior prom will be priced at $130.00 per ticket. Class advisers Jennifer Ammirata and Sita Patel helped the class officers run almost 20 fundraisers in this year alone, mostly bake sales.

The two advisers have to make sure that whatever ideas the students have, they can be put into place. This includes securing space at school or outside venues, booking a DJ or photo booth, and chaperoning.

The class officers, who were able to raise enough money to hold the sophomore semiformal last year through several bake sales and events, came with the same approach when entering the 2015-2016 school year. Throughout the year, the officers held numerous bake sales that allowed students from other grades, as well as their own, to help pay for the tickets.

“We started during homecoming week,” Class of 2017 President Elizabeth Alba. “We sold candy and ice cream floats in the hallway.

The fundraising has been very successful this year. As in past years, bake sales proved to be most successful since they make the most money and require the least amount of preparation time.

Unfortunately, there have been fundraisers that the class officers came up with that, according to Ammirata, “did not go on as planned due to lack of interest and participation by students and staff members.” These fundraisers include the handball tournament and student-teacher talent show. The cancelled events caused some of the officers to become slightly worried, fearing that ticket prices would rise greatly.

“We started to get nervous because a few of our fundraisers got cancelled because not enough people participated,” Alba said. “We were scared that the tickets were going to end up being expensive.”

Through the bake sales and efforts of the officers, ticket prices came out to be fairly low at $130 each. Even though this is an increase from the junior prom tickets last year, which were $125, the officers are still proud of their efforts. They do hope, however, that next year will be even more successful.

“Next year we’re going to look for different ways that we can raise money efficiently besides bake sales,” Vice President David Belkin said.