Czech this trip out


Photo Credit: Mr. Ecochard

Kutná Hora, a town in the Czech Republic, is where students will be staying while on the cultural exchange trip.

by Githmie Goonatilleke, Senior Staff Writer

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is one of the oldest cities in Europe and frequently referenced as the heart of Europe. Next September, Mr. Ecochard, Mr. Lyon and a group of students will fly to the Czech Republic as part of the Cultural Exchange program.

According to Lyon, one of the advisors for the Cultural Exchange club, “The Czech Exchange has been going on for 15-18 years and is the longest running exchange we have.”

Lyon became co-advisor at the beginning of this year, however, he attended the Spain trip last year.

“I really wanted to be co-advisor. I have a lot of overseas experience because my parents used to take me all over the world,” Lyon said.

Additionally, Lyon served in the Peace Corps. Lyon attributes traveling abroad to his understanding of people and other cultures.

A couple days ago, The Cultural Exchange club hosted a meeting to see how many students were interested in attending the trip. For the exchange to occur there must be at least 10 students who can go.

“We want kids who are open to new experiences and we need kids who can host,” Lyon said.

The town that the students will stay in is Kutná Hora and is about a half-hour away from Prague. Echochard, the other co-advisor for the trip, describes the town as a “preserved medieval city”.

Ecochard became the advisor many years ago and has gone on 6 or 7 trips to Germany and the Czech Republic.

Most of the exchange trip will be seeing the sights around Prague. According to Lyon, “You spend much more time seeing the sights and getting to know the culture.” Some of the planned sights are Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and St. Barbara’s Cathedral.

The Cultural Exchange club still need students to be a part of the exchange.