Musical performance shows brotherly bond


Harrison Gale performs at the 40th Anniversary of Coffeehouse.

by Vincent Neubert , Staff Writer

Justin Ecochard prepped his acoustic guitar before he began his performance. With his brother and friend by his side, this performance meant more to him than just another gig.

This was a chance to showcase his musical talent to his students while performing a song that had significance for him and his brother.

Watching Ecochard was senior John Scialdone, one of many students who attended to support for Coffeehouse’s 40th performance.

“Coffeehouse has an atmosphere unique to other school functions. Surrounded by coffee and free food, the audience is focused on the musicians, the comedians, and the poets the whole time,” Scialdone said. “I feel very involved as a student going to events like these because you’re always helping friends practice or set up.” 

Listening to many of his classmates perform, Scialdone left with an appreciation for his peers’ skills.

“The performances were amazing. All of the students had amazing talent,” Scialdone said.

The night began with performances by Brandon Oliff (‘16), Megan Stoddard (17’) and her brother Andrew Stoddard (‘19). As the night continued, though, students were not the only ones performing. Teachers went onstage to perform, as well.

Performances came from Mr. Carl Helder, Mr. Oren Levi, Mr. Scott Kupka, Ms. Amanda Sproveiro, Ms. Laura Allen,  and Mr. Justin Ecochard, joined by brother Chris Ecochard and close friend Mr. Mike Morales.

Justin and Chris Ecochard, with Morales, performed “Brother” by Alice in Chains. For the three of them, it wasn’t the first time they performed together. 

“It is one of my favorite things to do,” Mr. Ecochard said. “When he was younger, I was able to show [my brother] all the great music I had discovered. Today, many of our musical tastes were are the same, and we spend a lot of time together listening and playing music.”

One of the student performers, Harrison Gale (‘16), was one of the many people to hear Ecochard’s performance.

“I knew that Mr. Ecochard was an instrumentalist and has been in a few bands, I remember seeing him perform with Mr. Pohlman a few years ago, but it was still very cool to see the musical side of him once again,” Gale said. 

For Mr. Ecochard, music is a connection with his brother that he values.

“It is a special bond we share, on top of being brothers,” he said.