Panthers defeat league rivals


Felsenstein takes a long lead at 3rd during the Glen Rock vs. Hawthorne game.

by Ben Solomon, Christina Howie, and Ryan Stolz

The Glen Rock Panthers defeated Hawthorne in seven innings by a score of 13-7 on April 20, ending the Bears’ undefeated league record. 

Hawthorne rocketed to an early lead at the top of the first with a score of 3-0.  The Panthers matched Hawthorne with a three-run inning in the bottom of the first.

Colin Morrow (’17) hit an RBI single and Matthew Gresham (’16) hit a  two-run single.

In the fourth inning, the Panthers scored on a three-run double by Morrow.

During the sixth inning, the Panthers scored four runs.  Max Felsenstein (’16) scored on a walk followed by a RBI single from John Scandale (’16) and another from Zach Waller (’16).  Matthew Lange (’16) scored on a sacrifice fly.

“The seniors have really been leading the way in terms of run scoring,” said senior pitcher Ryan Stolz. “This game was the eptiome of that with eight of thirteen RBI’s coming from seniors.”

Noah Kastleman (’17) struck out four, gave up nine and walked one. Kastelman improved to 2-0 on the year, recording his second complete games in as many weeks.

“I think the Rutherford game really pumped us all up,” Lange said.  “It really showed us what we could do and I think we proved that again during this game.”

The Panthers had previously beaten league rival Rutherford in an extra-inning victory with a score of 12-5.

“It was a big week for us and I think we’re all really proud of the outcome,” he said.

After beating Hawthorne, Glen Rock overtook the Bears for first place in the league. The Panthers improved to 5-2 after the win, while Hawthorne fell to a record of 5-2. After this week The Record Top 25 rankings shifted a lot as Glen Rock made its first appearance of the season ranked No.21 while Hawthorne took a dip and fell to No.22.

Glen Rock plays Northern Highlands in their next game on April 28.