Concert Choir to set off for Annapolis

Concert Choir to set off for Annapolis

by Zach McCollum, Opinion & Editorial Editor

The Concert Choir is to travel to Annapolis, Maryland.

Members of both the Women’s Choral and Chamber Choir will also travel. The three choirs will perform and compete in the Heritage Festival, a division of World Strides educational travel.

There are a total of 60 students competing, three of whom who only perform in the co-curricular choirs.

The Concert Choir will be performing two pieces, which they also performed at the Winter Concert this school year.

“We selected pieces that we are experienced with, as in having performed them in concert before to ensure confidence when we perform,” Mr. Helder explained, “and we try to select pieces that are on par difficulty-wise with the examples the festival provides us with.”

There is a relatively even mix of the four different grades attending the trip this year, but there are some Seniors who have been on the trip three years straight, and for them, it will be there fourth and final trip.

“It’s not uncommon for us to have 4 year veterans with us yearly,” Mr. Helder said. “It’s nice to see.”

Not only will the choir be performing in the Heritage Festival, but they also have several activities planned for them centered around the Annapolis-Baltimore area. Some of these include visiting the Naval Academy, Medieval Times, Downtown Annapolis, Baltimore Harbor, and Six Flags America.

“Having done the trip before, we knew for example that we wanted to see the Glee Club at the Naval Academy,” said Mr. Helder. “This year the men are away (on tour) during our visit, so we will (be) seeing the ladies’ concert.”