The Glen Echo releases new mobile app


Photo Credit: Carter Stansel

The Glen Echo app’s homescreen. The app has different tabs for different types of articles and the front page shows the newest articles.

by Carter Stansel, Staff Writer

The Glen Echo has released its mobile app for android and iOS devices. The app officially launched on Jan. 10 and has been undergoing testing and fixes.

The idea of launching an application for the school newspaper wasn’t a new idea for The Glen Echo adviser, Mr. Jason Toncic.

“I wanted to do it last year. I brought it up with the Editor-in-Chief at the time,” Toncic said. “Ultimately, we didn’t want to allocate funds to it last year.”

The Glen Echo is run through an online host called School Newspapers Online. They have recently made a new platform to launch mobile app called SNO Mobile.

Articles posted on The Glen Echo website and mobile app can be managed by the same host site.

At her former school, Cedar Grove High School, newly hired English teacher Ms. Randi Metsch-Ampel started the school newspaper program seven years ago. The newspaper she was in charge of was a print newspaper. They did not believe people would not take the time to access the paper if it were online.

“My former students were concerned about people not taking the initiative to seek out their newspaper. They hadn’t really thought of an app. An app could make all the difference,” Metsch-Ampel said.

Newspapers are making apps to keep up with their users. Metsch-Ampel is a user of mobile apps for newspapers such as The New York Times.

“I think I would prefer the app,” Metsch-Ampel said. “I’m just in the habit of checking out the news on my phone. It starts to feel inconvenient to open up the computer.”

The Glen Echo has been revolutionizing its accessibility recently, making accounts for many forms of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.

“Social media is the next wave of news,” Toncic said. “As we try to stay relevant we need to keep innovating as well. If we stop, then we are not moving forward.”

The application in the iOS app store.
Photo Credit: Carter Stansel
The application in the iOS app store.