A Day In Strasbourg


Photo Credit: Josh Lesser

A view of Petite France. Many of the buildings in this neighborhood are over 500 years old.

by Josh Lesser, Staff Writer

Throughout its history, the city of Strasbourg has switched hands between Germany and France many times. This has had an enormous impact on the city’s culture, food and architecture, making it one of the most interesting cities in France.

The historic part of the city is on an island surrounded by canals and rivers. Besides being surrounded by water, the city is home to a unique building style that could only be seen in Alsace. The food in both Alsace and Strasbourg is also unique to the region which also happens to be a major wine producing part of France.

A vacation in Strasbourg could be fascinating, educational and relaxing which is why it is the perfect vacation destination in France.

  1. Tunisian Food: Friday 8:30 p.m.

France is home to one of Europe’s largest Middle Eastern and North African immigrant populations and, because of this, it is extremely easy to find good tasting Middle Eastern restaurant across the country and Strasbourg is no exception. A good way to start off a trip to Strasbourg is eating in Ali Baba. Ali Baba is a Tunisian restaurant located right outside Petite France which is one of Strasbourg’s oldest neighborhoods. At the restaurant diners, may enjoy couscous covered in a sauces. For a restaurant in Europe the prices are cheap and the food is tasty making Ali Baba worth a visit.

  1. Little France: Friday 9:30 p.m.

Petite France is Strasbourg’s most picturesque neighborhood. It only stretches for a few blocks, but without walking around this neighborhood, a trip to Strasbourg would not be complete. The neighborhood is famous for its half-timbered buildings that are over 400 years old. During the Middle Ages, many types of people called Petite France home including millers and fisherman. One must walk up along the river along the quarter. The view is stunning.

  1. Bistrot et Chocolat: Saturday 10 a.m.

Located in the heart of Strasbourg by the Cathedral is Bistrot et Chocolat which is the perfect place to get Breakfast. The restaurant is in easy walking distance to all of Strasbourg’s major attractions. On top of this they serve a variety of breakfast foods from eggs to croissants. Also make sure to try the chocolate which the restaurant is named after.

  1. Walk up a Cathedral: Saturday 11 a.m.

After breakfast walk to the Strasbourg Cathedral. The cathedral stands at 466 feet and was the world’s tallest building for over 227 years. The Cathedral is considered to be one of the great examples of gothic architecture in Europe and is big enough that it can be seen from the Black Forest in Germany, which is across the Rhine River from the City. Inside the cathedral is one of the world’s largest astronomical clocks which is a must see for anyone going to the cathedral.

The Strasbourg Cathedral is one of the city's most famous landmarks. It was the world tallest building for 227 years.
Photo Credit: Josh Lesser
The Strasbourg Cathedral is one of the city’s most famous landmarks. It was the world tallest building for 227 years.

After checking out the inside of the cathedral, go to the outside to climb to the top. Climb all the way up the cathedral’s bell tower to get the most impressive view in the entire city. At the top one can see all of Strasbourg, the Voges Mountains and also the Black Forest. Also make sure to check out the massive bells that ring every hour.

  1. The history of Strasbourg: Saturday 12:30 p.m.

Right across from the Cathedral is the Palais Rohan which is the City’s best example of French Baroque architecture. The palace looks like a building straight out of Paris and once Louis XV and Marie Antoinette stayed there. Today it is home to a few museums including the Museum of Archeology. The museum is a great place to spend an hour and learn about the city’s rich early history including what the city was like during Roman times.

  1. Traditional Alsatian Food: Saturday 1:30 p.m.

Alsatian food is a cross between French food and German food, and one of the best restaurants to get traditional Alsatian food is Maison Kammerzell. The building the restaurant is in is located in the same square as the Cathedral and it dates back to 1427. The interior of the restaurant has a very German gothic feeling, while the food tastes unbelievable. For lunch the dish to get is the Famer Poultry. It is roasted chicken in Riesling sauce with sautéed spaetzel and butter. This dish blends the flavors of Alsace and Germany by combining Riesling sauce and spaetzel.

  1. Boat Ride: Saturday 2:30

Board a boat a few blocks away from the restaurant and

River boats like this is a common site in Strasbourg. This boat is on one of the rivers in the Petite France neighborhood.
Photo Credit: Josh Lesser
River boats like this is a common site in Strasbourg. This boat is on one of the rivers in the Petite France neighborhood.

sail down the rivers and canals that go through Strasbourg. This is one of the great things to do in Strasbourg and it gives tourists a good overall feel for the city. On top of seeing the cities many historic sites such as medieval jails, the river boat lets people see modern day Strasbourg. One of the city’s biggest sites is the EU Parliament building which is home to the EUs parliament and other governing bodies.

  1. An Interesting Background on Alsace: 4 p.m.

Once done with the boat ride walk to Alsatian Museum, which teaches visitors about the history of Alsace. At the museum, see what daily life was like for the people living in Alsace in the past. Also learn more about the history of this great region and how it was a major reason for war between Germany and France.

  1. Fondue: 7 30 p.m.

For dinner enjoy some cheese fondue at La Cloche à Fromage – Le Restaurant. The restaurant specializes in cheese and in particular fondue. The fondue can be pricey but is surprisingly filling. There are many different chesses to choose from including Swiss and Munster. There is perhaps no better way to finish a trip to a great city with great food.