Anatomy and Physiology elective available next year


Photo Credit: Kate Casey

Anatomy and Physiology will be available next year as a science elective.

by Kate Casey, Staff Writer

Anatomy and Physiology will be available this coming fall as an elective to students interested in taking another science class.

This class will cover the major body systems, more specifically the bone and muscle systems, and will be a branch off of the freshmen Biology course. It will be open to anyone who has finished Biology with a passing grade.

Ms. Jennifer Ammirata, Biology and Environmental Science teacher, will be administering the class.

“I’m excited for the lab aspect,” Ammirata said. “There is isn’t like a lab period, but being able to do those hands on activities should be fun.”

A survey of parents was taken to see what new science electives was conducted, and Anatomy and Physiology was one of the most common.

Andrew Bober (‘19) is planning on taking the elective next year. He said, “It will prepare you if you are planning to go into medicine or some kind of health care.”

Max Lindley, freshman, is hoping to take the class this upcoming fall.

“It could probably help a lot for athletes because after a game you can figure out why and what’s sore,” he said. “I’m really excited, it seems like a fun class.”