The Glen Echo makes new Facebook page


Launched in January, the Facebook Page for The Glen Echo promotes content, shares news, and connects with local citizens.

by Catherine Bennett, Staff Writer

The Glen Echo announced its publication’s Facebook page on Jan. 13 after receiving approval from the administration.

Mr. Jason Toncic, the adviser of The Glen Echo, assisted in the process to get the Facebook page proposal approved.

Until recently, the administration did not grant permission because the purpose of a Facebook page was not understood.

“They didn’t see the point of having a Facebook because they didn’t understand the idea of having a page versus us just having an account,” Toncic said. “We’ve developed, I think, trust with the administration too, that we’re gonna run it and do it correctly.”

The staff of The Glen Echo wanted a Facebook page to help the website reach a bigger audience.

Lilia Wood, the Editor-in-Chief of The Glen Echo, only saw positive effects for creating the newspaper’s Facebook page.

“The purpose of making it was for the older generations, so all the parents can see it,” Wood said. “We already have a Twitter, and an Instagram, and a Snapchat, but not many adults have any of those.”