Relay for Life kicks off the year


Photo Credit: Relay for Life of Glen Rock

Kick-off will be held Tuesday, Feb 9 from 6:30PM-8:30PM in the Glen Rock High School cafeteria

by Christina Howie, Copy Editor

The kickoff event for Relay for Life of 2016 will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 9 at 6:30 p.m. in the high school cafeteria.

The kickoff celebration is held every year in the beginning of February with the purpose of celebrating the accomplishments from the past year and providing information on the upcoming year.

“This event highlights key aspects and ceremonies performed during RFL as well as explaining why RFL is so important to you and to many other people around the world,” said Ms. Amanda Sproviero, a math teacher at Glen Rock High School as well as co-adviser of the high school teams.  “The event is designed to begin to bring together neighboring communities and to start the awareness of fundraising to fight back against cancer.”

Sproviero has been involved with Relay for Life of Glen Rock for two years.  She also participated while she was a student at The College of New Jersey.

“To get the word out about kick-off we are placing articles in the town and school newspaper, on social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as well as announcing the kick-off on the morning announcements at the high school,” she said.  “More needs to be done however to spread the word in other surrounding communities and in the center of towns at local shops.”

The use of various social media has proven to be very effective in bringing attention to different relay events throughout the year such as kick-off, the car wash and the actual event.

“Last year we really took the social media and publicity to the next level, ” said senior Juliana Roddy, an online-social committee member for Relay for Life of Glen Rock.  “Advertising for kick-off is extremely important because we want a great turnout!”

“Relay for Life is such an exciting day every year and the day that starts it all is highly anticipated by everyone involved,” said senior Ari Berke, a committee member for Relay for Life of Glen Rock.  “Kick-off is an important event because it really gets the word out so that we can be more successful in the months leading up the relay.”

This year, the special guest speakers include Mr. Bruce Packer, the mayor of Glen Rock, Ms. Amy Martin, a council member of Glen Rock, Dr. Paula Valenti, superintendent of Glen Rock and Mr John Arlotta, principal of Glen Rock High School.

“My hope for Relay this year is that we raise more money and awareness than last year,” Sproviero said.  “I’m also hoping that we get a stronger student turnout than last year not only at the Relay for Life event itself, but during school hours and other events as well through an event called Purple Week which is to be held in late April.”