Presidential elections come to Glen Rock


Photo Credit: Josh Lesser

Cluadio Liberti (16) looks at Bernie Sanders official campaign website. Claudio has thrown his support behind Sanders.

by Josh Lesser, Staff Writer

With the primary season officially underway, seniors are beginning to contemplate which candidate they are going to vote for in the first election in which they are eligible to vote.

Whether they are eligible for the primary or the general election, members of the class of 2016 will be 18 by next November. Now that the primary season is underway, more and more Seniors have begun to choose a political stance.

“I am excited to vote because I can finally make an impact on the country,” Angelo DiCori (’16) said. “Even if it’s a small drop, one rain drop can raise the sea.”

With the New Jersey primary on June 7, anything can happen between now and then. Currently most polls on a national level show Donald Trump out front for the Republicans and Hilary Clinton winning for the Democrats.

In Glen Rock, many students have thrown their support behind Senator Bernie Sanders who is currently running as a Democrat.

Claudio Liberti (16) is one senior who is carefully following the race.

“Most people I have spoken to seem to be supporting Bernie Sanders,” Liberti said.

Liberti said that Bernie Sanders is one of the few candidates who is seriously talking about student debt and poverty of young adults.

On the other hand, there is opposition to Bernie Sanders.

Itay Kazaz (’16), who identifies as Republican, say that Bernie Sanders “is completely unrealistic and won’t be able to get things done with the Republicans in congress.”

Other students are still undecided.

“I am currently torn between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, but I’m leaning toward Bernie,” said Colin Jones (’16).

Since joining the presidential race in July, Donald Trump has gotten by far the most attention nationally, but among the student body Trump does not seem so popular.

“Trump is one of the biggest morons I have ever seen,” DiCori said.

Kazaz, a Republican, said that “Trump would just make us look bad.”

Kazaz has thrown his support behind Jeb Bush, citing the fact that “he will consider his family’s legacy and strong leadership and help Israel, our closest ally.”

Even though Bush is lagging behind many of the Republican candidates in the polls, Kazaz is hopeful.

“I say yes to Bush, yes to the future of our children and yes to America,” he said.